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Transportation services

Delivery transport

Our priority is to offer the best delivery options in Europe. Our experience and professionalism ensures high-quality performance. It is crucial for us to ensure individual approach to every customer, studying in detail and assessing the possibilities and plans. Consultations with 4rent specialists will ensure the fastest, most convenient, high-quality and economically advantageous solution for your situation.

Escorting transport

We carry out escorting for both standard and non-standard cargoes. We also offer escorting, which includes the acquisition of road permissions for non-standard cargoes, and police escorting for buildings, which require such escorting. We work in line with the provisions of legislation of a particular country, observing the regulations and requirements of cargo carriers.

Provision of a crane

We offer full service to our customers — provision of cranes at all sites and high-quality handling of cargoes. We have established long-term cooperation with various entrepreneurs who have proved their professionalism over the years, offering extensive possibilities of cargo cranes at sites and elsewhere. The company 4rent offers cranes with various capacity, taking into account customer needs and specifications of structures, consequently offering high-quality assembly of structures.