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Installation specialists will operatively and qualitatively perform the assembly of modular houses, where the assembly on previously prepared foundations is performed in a very short time, which can take part of a working day. We coordinate work with clients according to previously developed instructions and the client's wishes.


We offer rental of modular houses, which you can use as a temporary or independent building. The rental offer includes a wide range of modular houses, with a wide offer, they can be placed as separate buildings, or created as a complex of several modules with a wide range of applications.


Our priority is to offer the best delivery options in Europe. Qualitative performance is ensured by our experience and professionalism, because we value an individual approach to each client, evaluating all possibilities and wishes. Consultations with 4rent specialists will provide the fastest, most convenient, high-quality and most cost-effective solution for your situation.


We accompany oversized modular houses. Accompanying includes obtaining permits for oversized modular houses, as well as police escort for those modules that need it. We operate in accordance with the laws of the respective country, in compliance with the rules and requirements of the carriers.


We offer our customers the organization of buildings on sites and the reloading of high-quality modular houses. We have many years of cooperation with various entrepreneurs who have proven their professionalism over the years, offering a wide range of building availability options on site. 4rent offers cranes with different lifting capacities, taking into account the customer's needs and the specification of modular houses.

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